Saturday, October 23, 2010

Protect the groundwater

Everything that goes into the ground at your home has the potential of finding its way to local groundwater supplies. This is called nonpoint source (NPS) pollution and is one of the country’s leading causes of water pollution. Fertilizers and pesticides are the two worst offenders, but other elements such as soaps used for car washing and animal wastes are picked up by rain and irrigation systems and are washed out into the storm water lines. Follow the guidelines about fertilizer and pesticides on this website to help prevent NPS pollution. Here are some other tips for preventing storm water runoff.
  • Yard Waste - Avoid blowing lawn clippings into the street or piling them on storm drains.
  • Mulching - Mulch allows rainwater to seep into the ground and forms a firm ground cover, filtering pollutants and holding soil in its place.
  • Sprinklers and Downspouts - Turn downspouts of rain gutters into planted areas instead of toward paved surfaces such as driveways.
  • Pet Care – Collect pet waste and dispose of in wastebasket or toilet.
  • Use permeable surfaces such as wood decks, bricks, and concrete lattice to let water soak into the ground.
For more information about protecting the groundwater: Looking closer at NPS Pollution Pick up after your pet

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