Thursday, March 10, 2011

Favorite Native Plants ~ Kathy Jentz, editor of Washington Gardener Magazine

Last month I started a little series of "Favorite Native Plant" posts, reaching out into the local gardening community to discover what native species are favorites. Since many of us are in the planning phase of our gardens for the coming season, I thought I would continue the series.

Today's favorites are from Kathy Jentz, editor, publisher and founder of Washington Gardener magazine.

My three favorite native plants  

It'd have to be Virginia Bluebells for sheer beauty. They are just stunning and photos never seem to really capture it. Worth the hike to see them in our local parks along stream bed valleys. En masse near Carderock Falls is my favorite Bluebell-peeping location.  

For all around best in show, my favorite is the Serviceberry. Whether you call it Shadbush or Saskatoon, this small tree hits on all top plant attributes. It has seasonal interest, glorious spring flowers, attracts wildlife, easy to grow, and the berries are not just edible - they are, in fact, downright yummy.  

Finally, I adore Beautyberry. It really comes into its own in late Fall when much of the rest of our gardens are growing weary and wan. Did you know it is also a mosquito repellent? If they are bugging you on a hot summer day, grab a few green leaves off the Beautyberry, crush them, and rub them on your wrists plus ankles.

Thanks Kathy. Beautyberry is one of my favorites, too, just because of the abundance of wildlife that it attracts.

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