Wednesday, July 13, 2011

Home Scale Permaculture Course - Starts September 10th

Permaculture, a term originated by Australian ecologists, Bill Mollison and David Holmgren, means permanent culture.  Using both ancient and modern knowledge, this methodology mimics universal patterns found in nature to create healthy human habitats.  Guided by ethical behavior, Permaculture is a system of designing ecologically inspired landscapes that integrate home food production, energy, shelter and water.

Permaculture allows you to enjoy the bounty & beauty of an edible landscape… Reduce your dependency on fossil fuels… Replenish the water table…Tap your own natural resources: sun, wind, water, soil, flora & fauna…  

Beginning September 10th, 2o11, the School of Living and Heathcote Community will host a 72 hour course on permaculture.

During the course, which is spread over 6 weekends, participants will learn:
  • A step-by-step design process that taps your creative genius
  • Observation and site analysis to identify resource opportunities
  • Bioregional ecosystems, diversity and natural patterns
  • How to protect local watersheds and restore wildlife habitat
  • Water harvesting and management in the landscape; detoxification with rain gardens 
  • Nutrient recycling with grey water and composting toilets
  • Identification of microclimates and zone planning for efficiency
  • Renewable energy systems and small-scale appropriate technology
  • Natural building and passive-solar home retrofitting
  • Fruit growing with forest gardens and plant guild design
  • Intensive no-till food gardening, soil regeneration and composting
  • How to cultivate forests, grains and cash crops
  • Integration of domestic animals and aquaculture
  • Social/economic strategies for urban/community scale food, energy and water security
Instructor: As a Permaculture designer, architect, and life-long organic gardener, Patty Ceglia is passionate about finding the ecological balance for productive potential of every site.  She teaches at Wilson College, where her students practice hands-on strategies at the 160 acre Center for Sustainable Living.

For more information: 

Visit:  Homescale Permaculture Design Course

Call: 410-357-9523 


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