Thursday, November 4, 2010

Autumn in the garden - great time for backyard birds

It seems like only weeks ago that we were still enjoying summer in our gardens. But rather than spending time reminiscing about the sunshine and summer flowers, it is time to get busy getting the gardens ready for winter.

Here are some posts and articles I found for protecting your plants and lawns for the coming frosts and freezes:
But I also want to remind you that fall and winter are a great time to feed and observe the birds in your backyard.

Maryland, Virginia and DC are all important stops on the Atlantic Flyway, one of four major migratory flight routes in North America. So every fall, hundreds of thousands of birds of many different species make their way along the coast from their summer nesting places in the northern U.S., Canada and even the Arctic on the way to their winter homes.

These migratory flights are often long and exhausting for many bird species, so providing food, water and a friendly spot to rest will help the birds and add music and life to your garden that will make you soon forget about the colorful blossoms that are gone for the season.

You may be surprised to find out just how quickly simple steps like adding a birdbath and hanging a feeder will bring visiting birds to your yard. For more information about creating a wildlife friendly landscape, read this post: 10 Tips for Creating a Wildlife Friendly Garden 

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