Thursday, October 6, 2011

More Eco-Friendly Resources for Metro DC

Last month, in conjunction with National Pollution Prevention Week, I decided to create a post that listed ALL of the great, eco-friendly resources in the Metro DC area. Hah! Once I got started, I realized what a monumental task I had undertaken. There are just so MANY great environmentally focused groups in the area, it was really foolish of me to try to list them all. It was even more foolish for me to call my post “Everything you Need to Know to Be Eco-Friendly in Metro DC” because, of course, we’ll probably never know EVERYTHING we need to know.

 I have since changed the name of the post and the resource list to Eco-Friendly Resources for the Metro DC Area and would like to invite everyone to please contact me with any information that I may have left off of the list.

 I’m grateful to Kimberley Knox, Community Outreach Manager of the Washington Suburban Sanitation Commission (WSSC) for sharing some of the information available from WSSC. The WSSC Community Outreach Group is very active in programs throughout the area to educate and encourage others to be better environmental stewards. The group works with community volunteers, high school students and college students on environmental stewardship projects, such as planting trees and removing invasive weeds. In fact, Kimberley recently received the Izaak Walton League Wildlife Honor Roll Award in recognition of her work with volunteers to remove invasive weeds and to conduct planting projects along the Patuxent River. Congratulations Kim!  And again, thanks for sharing these links with our readers.

WSSC's Native Plant Garden for Butterflies and Birds - WSSC created a native garden for butterflies and birds at Brighton Dam, 2 Brighton Dam Road, Brookville, MD 20833. You can see photos and learn more about the garden here.

Scott's Cove Streambank Restoration Project – WSSC works with volunteers to restore streambanks along its watershed. You can see photos and learn more about this project here.

WSSC has some great photos of birds of the Patuxent Watershed

Birds of Prey

Water Birds

Song Birds

And illustrations of Fish of Triadelphia and Rocky Gorge Reservoirs

Their Facebook page, Friends of Brighton Dam, provides a variety of tips for gardeners throughout the year.

And of course, the wonderful publication, Water Conservation Landscaping, which is being used as text by the National Capital Area Watershed Stewards Academy can be downloaded in pdf in both English and Spanish.

 Water Conservation Landscaping. pdf file (English)

 Water Conservation Landscaping pdf file (Spanish)

Check our online calendar to learn how you can participate in some of the great eco-friendly programs that WSSC has planned for the Metro DC area.

For more information about WSSC events, contact the Communications and Community Relations Office at 301-206-8233 or

Conservation Landscaping Training and Demonstration Garden Installation

Conservation Landscaping Training and Demonstration Garden Installation
Sat, 10/22/2011 – 9:00am – 5:00pm 
About the workshop:

Homeowners can learn how to manage stormwater runoff from their homes utilizing conservation landscaping techniques. These landscape features, which include native plants and a substantial mulch layer, can effectively collect and treat stormwater and reduce localized flooding.  To effectively manage stormwater, conservation landscapes must be accurately sized and properly constructed. In addition to a lecture portion and hands on installation, this 1-day workshop will present a design segment for sizing and designing a garden and detail proper construction techniques for homeowners.

As a result of this training you will:
  • Understand why stormwater needs to be managed,
  • Understand the principles of conservation landscape garden location, design, construction and maintenance,
  • Be able to select appropriate vegetation,
  • Select and use design templates, build and plant a conservation landscape garden, and
  • Help to install a demonstration garden in public place that may help other homeowners decide to utilize this residential stormwater management tool on their own property.

The workshop will include a 3-hour lecture with hands-on design component and then participants will install a conservation landscape garden on the IWLA property. Wear appropriate work clothes and no open-toed shoes.  Participants should also dress accordingly for the weather (this event will take place RAIN or SHINE unless severe weather threatens the safety of participants.  Note – if garden installation is disrupted by weather, the garden will be installed on Wednesday the 23rd.) This is a full day course, so bring a lunch and plenty of water for the day.


IWLA headquarters, 707 Conservation Lane, Gaithersburg, MD 20878 in Gaithersburg. (Muddy Branch Watershed, in Montgomery County)


No fee is charged for this class.

How to register?

Use this link:

 NOTE: Registration will be on a first come, first served basis, and will be limited to 20 participants.  Sign-up now to reserve your spot.

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