Wednesday, February 8, 2012

Snow and Ice on the way? Learn about de-icers

I mentioned the other day that one of the great environmental benefits of this mild winter is that there hasn't been much need for the use of de-icers. Most de-icing products contain high levels of salt, which can be detrimental to the environment. But with the prediction of snow and ice on the way, now may be a good time to think about the use of de-icers and how they affect our environment. What kind of de-icers do you use?

Today is Laugh and Get Rich Day

Did you know that today is Laugh and Get Rich Day? Well, according to Chase’s Calendar of Events (and the other resources that I use to see what’s happening each day), it is. But it took me awhile to find out the origin of the “holiday”. And in the process, I found another great blog to follow to keep me “up-to-date” on the dates.

The blog Lisa Loves Holidays has this explanation for a day that I plan to take full advantage of! Here is an excerpt from the Lisa Loves Holidays blog about:

Laugh and Get Rich Day

Celebrated every year on February 8th. Laugh and Get Rich Day is predicated upon the principal that, in the business world, if you have a good sense of humor it can have a positive influence on your success. Laugh and Get Rich Day is based on the teachings of the best selling book Laugh and Get Rich, How To Profit From Humor in Business written by retail expert and marketing guru, Rick Segel. In an article on the Rick Segel and Associates website, Mr. Segel says, "Many times the biggest thing that differentiates our business is the 'Likeability Factor' of our business. The fastest way to likeability is with the use of Fun, Humor, and Playful Behavior."

We all know that being around a person who can make people laugh (especially one who uses humor in good taste) makes us feel good inside, and we feel more positive toward that person, which could potentially be good for that person's bottom line.

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