Thursday, December 30, 2010

Share your garden photos to take the chill off

A few days ago, I posted a message titled Cure for the Winter Blues that had links to some beautiful photos of the area on flickriver. Today I thought I would go a step further and encourage everyone to share their own photos online. Whether you take photos of the current conditions outside or want to spend some time going through some of the photos you have already accumulated, why not add them to these flickr streams so that we can all share the beauty of Washinton, D.C., Maryland and Virginia gardens.  

One, two - what should you do?  
Three, Four - walk out the door  
Five, Six - Take some pix  
Seven, Eight - manipulate  
Nine, Ten - upload them!

Ok, yes. That is a totally goofy rhyme. But you get the point. Go outside, take some photos, do a little photo-shopping if necessary, and then upload them to one of these flickr groups so we can share them online.

DC Gardens , Maryland Garden Club , Gardens of Virginia

And then check back daily to see if your photos have made the Most Interesting lists:

✿❀Use the scrollbar to view more photos!✿❀

✿❀Use the scrollbar to view more photos!✿❀

✿❀Use the scrollbar to view more photos!✿❀

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