Sunday, July 1, 2012

A cool Little Wave for a hot afternoon

Hubby and I worked in the yard this weekend. It was pretty brutal.  Today I worked on extending one of our gardens, which meant taking out quite a bit of grass and then moving the stone edging I have around the garden. It is one of our only gardens that gets full sun, so I was trying to extend this "prime real estate" area in our yard.

After half a day of working outside, I needed a break and came in and went through email, etc. Before I get out there and get in another hour's worth of work, I wanted to share this little video I found.

The things I love most about computers and social media websites are all of the neat people that I get to "meet" that have similar interests. I especially love "meeting" other writers, musicians and other creative types who are doing their part to help educate and encourage others to take care of the planet.

Since I just learned about it today, I haven't read this book. I just think it is a very cool idea and wanted to share it. Enjoy!

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