Saturday, October 29, 2011

More Flakes than Usual this Halloween as Mother Nature gets into the act

Halloween always brings out the flakes. Although most people opt for the predictable costumes like witches, werewolves and pirates, there are always a few flakes who go for something extreme that is sure to elicit a few groans. I've heard that a Casey Anthony mask is big this year. Grooooaannn.

Mother Nature is even getting into the act this weekend by dressing up as winter, bringing a few groans and even some possible flakes (snow, that is) of her own to much of the Northeast.

Low temperatures, howling wind and precipitation will put a chill on your Halloween fun AND can cause damage to your gardens. So before you dress up for the festivities, take some time to bring in your hanging or potted plants, dig up and store your tender bulbs, and lay a little mulch to protect the roots of your shrubs.

And don't get mad at Mother Nature. Everybody likes to get a little wicked for Halloween!  

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