Wednesday, June 22, 2011

Workshop on Drip Irrigation - June 25th

Drip irrigation systems are a wonderful way to conserve water by directing water right where you need it the most!

There will be a workshop this Saturday at Common Good City Farm for a workshop on installing your own drip irrigation system!

When: Saturday, June 25, 10:30am-12:30pm.
What: Drip...drip - Drip Irrigation for the Patio & Small Garden.
Where: At Common Good City Farm On V Street, NW, between 2nd and 4th Streets, NW

A hands on workshop for your own drip irrigation system guaranteed to stop your "water worries" on those long weekends or vacation in August.
  • Participants will learn how to assemble a low cost drip system.
  • Participants will evaluate a variety of dripper and mini-sprinklers suitable for patios and small gardens.
  • Participants should be able to go home, order, and install a small custom system for less than $125.
  • Participants will tour Common Good City Farm's drip system which was installed by the instructor.
  • Principles learned will be adaptable to larger gardens and orchards.
Teacher: Murray Schmechel is a retired life long gardener who has been "dripping" for the last 15 years. He has helped numerous neighbors become "drip" enthusiasts. He is part of the Common Good City Farm staff.

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Backyard Wildlife Habitat Workshop - June 25th

The District Department of the Environment, Audubon MD/DC and Audubon-At-Home are pleased to announce their first Backyard Wildlife Habitat Workshop of 2011. In partnership with the Hillcrest Community Civic Association and the East Washington Heights Baptist Church, a four hour workshop that includes presentations on gardening with native plants, site selection, garden design and plant selection will be held. The planting of a butterfly garden with native flowers and shrubs will also take place.

Participants will receive live plants, books, literature and a birdhouse kit to help them start their own gardens at home. The workshop will begin at 9:00 am on Saturday June 25 at East Washington Heights Baptist Church (2220 Branch Avenue SE). This workshop is free.

Please RSVP to:

More workshops will follow. Please check (click on backyard habitat education) for the full 2011 schedule. Online registration will be available for future workshops.

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