Wednesday, August 4, 2010

Construction projects aim to “green” Virginia’s Capitol

Gov. Bob McDonnell broke ground Tuesday on a set of construction projects that will retrofit the Capitol and make it one of the greenest in the nation.

Key projects on the capitol grounds and Richmond streets will include:
  • Porous brick pavers will replace terraced steps leading down from the Washington equestrian statue.
  • Rain gardens will be installed in front of the Bell Tower, the Darden Garden parking area, and on 9th and 10th streets.
  • A system will be developed to collect stormwater runoff and redirect the water into the irrigation system on Capitol grounds.
  • Porous pavers will be installed in the alleys of 5th and 12th streets.
  • A new sidewalk with porous pavers will be installed that will run by the front of the Edgar Allen Poe statue and adhere to the Capitol Square Landscape Master Plan. The entire project should be complete by spring of 2011. Click here to read MORE

Great Maryland Lawn Mower Event on August 14

Trade in gas-powered mowers for discounts on electric models. Help protect regional air quality.

BALTIMORE, Md., Aug. 4 /PRNewswire/ -- On Saturday, August 14, Maryland residents are invited to turn in their old gas-powered lawn mowers and purchase deeply-discounted, select electric lawn mowers at The Great Maryland Lawn Mower Exchange event. Most people identify air pollution problems with industry and power plants, and the emissions from cars and trucks. However, lawn mowers and other outdoor gas-powered equipment account for much of the region's air pollution and impact public health as well. According to the U.S. Environmental Protection Agency, a conventional, gas-powered lawn mower can spew more pollution into our air in a year than a car driven more than 20,000 miles. Electric lawnmowers are more convenient and environmentally-friendly than gas-powered mowers.

Participants will receive up to 66% off a new Neuton CE 5 or CE 6 battery-powered mower for trading in their old gas-powered mower. READ FULL ARTICLE

It's Wildlife Wednesday - What's in Your Garden?

Welcome to our third Wildlife Wednesday. This is how it works.

  • Every Wednesday, I encourage all bloggers to wander through their property and take a photo of whatever critter is visiting at the time. Birds, butterflies, hummingbirds, snakes, deer - think of this as the Noah's Ark of the Internet. Every critter is welcome.  

  • Next, create a post on your own blog, including a little bit about where and when you saw the critter. Include photos, of course!
  • Now, visit the Metro DC Lawn and Garden blog Wildlife Wednesday post and add your name and url on the Mr. Linky widget. Then leave a comment to tell us what wonderful wildlife you saw so we can pay you a virtual visit!
If you don't have your own blog, the National Wildlife Federation has a Facebook Page for posting Wildlife Wednesday photos.

If you don't HAVE any wildlife in your landscape, then your gardens might need a little eco-tweaking. Environmentally friendly landscapes that incorporate native plants and eliminate chemicals just naturally attract more birds and butterflies and other little critters. So keep visiting the Metro DC Lawn and Garden blog and we'll help you create an environmentally friendly landscape that rolls out the welcome mat for wildlife!

Have fun! I can't wait to share your wildlife wonders with the world!

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