Friday, December 9, 2011

Casey Trees Newsletter

Are your on Casey Tree’s email list? If not, you are missing out on a lot of great information that they send out periodically in an online e-newsletter called the Leaflet. Here are some highlights from the latest issue:

Data from a new study released by the Center for Chesapeake Communities and Pinchot Institute for Conservation shows how valuable D.C.’s urban forest really is.
• Trees in the Washington, D.C. area remove more than 8.3 million pounds of nitrogen dioxide each year. More than 274,000 cars would need to be taken off the road each year to achieve the same amount of pollutant reduction.
• Based on studies of the costs of pollution to society such as health care, the District’s tree cover saves nearly $51 million each year annually.
• Trees in D.C.’s Rock Creek Park remove 63,500 pounds of ozone-forming pollutants each year, which has a value of $285,000 dollars.

More articles in this issue:

  • Clues make winter tree identification possible
  • Trees continue to provide benefits through winter months
  • Kids Corner - Edible Evergreen Tree Decorations

I encourage you to signup for their newsletter, and take some time finding out what Casey Trees is all about!

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