Wednesday, June 30, 2010

Finding answers for your landscape

I have limited computer access this week so I can't look up answers to all the fun questions I have gotten through the Metro DC Lawn and Garden blog. But I wanted to share my favorite way to find answers for those that have questions that just can't wait.

I've always thought that government websites are some of the best places to find answers to gardening, environmental and other questions. They aren't trying to sell you anything and they have the benefit of having scientists and other highly educated professionals on their staffs. But I was discouraged because the information seemed to be spread out all over the place and difficult to find.

Then one day, I discovered . This website is the official portal for all USA government websites. So if you have a question on compost or environmentally friendly landscaping or mosquito control, you can enter that in the search box on and come up with a LONG list of websites to help you find your answer.

Many of us have learned that great gardening advice is available through Cooperative Extension system offices in our states. Since the Cooperative Extension system is a branch of the US Department of Agriculture, much of the information through the extension system offices is available through However, there are many, many more organizations that provide valuable information that many of us probably don't even know about.

For gardening, I always suggest that people narrow their search by going into the Advanced Search page and scrolling down to where it says "Search In" to select your state. It's that easy!

So next time you have a question that just can't wait for an answer, try using to see what you can find. I have found this site to be an invaluable tool for creating my environmentally friendly landscape.

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