Sunday, June 20, 2010

Maryland Farmers help educate backyard gardeners

With so many flowers and vegetables greeting us in our gardens right now, it can be difficult to want to refrain from spoiling these little beauties in an attempt to keep them happy in our gardens. But over-doing it with fertilizer and pesticides can cause serious problems to our local watersheds.

Maryland farmers have initiated a homeowner education campaign, “Take it from Maryland Farmers: Backyard Actions for a Cleaner Chesapeake Bay” to help gardeners by offering fertilizer and pesticide tips and other online resources. The campaign highlights the importance of soil testing and using fertilizers wisely for healthier gardens and lawns this growing season and a cleaner Chesapeake Bay. Additional topics include trying pesticide alternatives and composting, controlling soil erosion and rainwater runoff, and conserving water. For more information about this campaign, visit:

Click here to read full news release.

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