Tuesday, August 3, 2010

Compost exchange - sharing your garbage for a healthier planet

Here's an interesting article I found this morning. Residents of Rye, New York have started a compost exchange that allows gardeners to exchange compost ingredients with one another!

You might share some eggs or a cup of flour with neighbors from time to time, but now two Rye organizations    want residents to start sharing items like bags of leaves, egg shells and banana peels. 

Sound strange? Not if you have a compost!  

The Rye Neighborhood Compost Exchange was started to help residents get in touch with one another so they can share composting ingredients and ideas, explained Melissa Grieco, co-president of the Environmental Advocacy Group of Rye (EAGR.) READ MORE

Compost is not only great for their gardens, but by sharing rather than tossing, they have the ability to help reduce what goes into the landfill. Click here to read the entire article, Compost Exchange Helps Eco-Friendly Residents Find Balance on RyePatch.

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