Wednesday, August 11, 2010

Discover the wonders of Wildlife Wednesday

It's another great Wildlife Wednesday! I have a strong belief that one of the best ways to encourage people to help protect the planet is to get them outside, eye-to-eye with the wee wonders in their landscapes! So Wildlife Wednesday was created to encourage everyone to take a break from their routines, step away from their keyboards, and get outside.

I am a self-confessed EXTREME nature nerd. And yet, sometimes even I need to be reminded to pull myself away from life's other details and stop, look and listen to the wonders of nature around me. I hope that I can encourage some of the rest of you to do the same.

Here's how Wildlife Wednesday works.
  • Every Wednesday, I encourage all readers to wander through their property and take a photo of whatever critter is visiting at the time. Birds, butterflies, hummingbirds, snakes, deer - think of this as the Noah's Ark of the Internet. Every critter is welcome.
  • Next, create a post on your own blog, including a little bit about where and when you saw the critter. Include photos, of course!
  • Now, visit the Metro DC Lawn and Garden blog Wildlife Wednesday post and add your name and url on the Mr. Linky widget. Then leave a comment to tell us what wonderful wildlife you saw so we can pay you a virtual visit!
If you don't have your own blog, feel free to email me with a photo. I'll be happy to add your photo to our blog to share with the world!

If you don't HAVE any wildlife in your landscape, then your gardens might need a little eco-tweaking. Environmentally friendly landscapes that incorporate native plants and eliminate chemicals just naturally attract more birds and butterflies and other little critters. So keep visiting the Metro DC Lawn and Garden blog and we'll help you create an environmentally friendly landscape that rolls out the welcome mat for wildlife!

Have fun! I can't wait to share your wildlife wonders with the world!

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