Saturday, September 25, 2010

Rose's are read - reading about Rose's garden

I found this post about a neat woman named Rose when I was wandering around the internet today. The post is called Rose's Sustainable Gardening Tips and was written by Rachel Grad back in 2008.

Rose seems like such a neat person, that I encourage you to read the blog post about her, as well as the linked one to information about her solar home in McLean, Virginia.

Here are some of Rose's cool sustainable gardening tips from the post:

1) Garden organically , 2) Make sure the soil is good, 3) Choose appropriate plants, ....6) collect rainwater.

And this is one of my favorites:

7. Use your garden to build community, for example, plant a pumpkin patch in your front yard and then have the neighborhood children come to pick a pumpkin for Halloween.

Take a few minutes to read the whole post. You'll love it!

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