Tuesday, September 28, 2010

Top 10 Rookie Gardening Mistakes

Saw this great blog post on planetgreen.com called Top 10 Rookie Gardening Mistakes (and how to avoid them). The detailed list (with photos), which was written by Colleen Vanderlinden, lists things that a lot of gardeners do wrong.

Here's a brief synopsis of the list. Be sure to read her full blog post for the details of "How to Avoid them"

1) Clueless watering

2) Wrong plant, wrong place

3) Not giving plants enough space

4) Not knowing your zone

5) Haphazard fertilizing

6) Not mulching

7) Half-a**ed soil preparation

8 ) Sun/shade fairy tales

9) Not knowing your site

10) Listening to Experts

And visit my blog post, 12 Relationship Rules for Gardeners , to learn more ways to do things RIGHT in the garden.

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