Saturday, November 13, 2010

Gwyneth Paltrow ...singing about organic gardening?

Did you catch Gwyneth Paltrow's song on the Country Music Awards? I meant to listen to it, but I was channel surfing (as usual) and must have ended up somewhere else during her song.

In any case, I just listened to it online and it made me think of....gardening. I know, a lot of things make me think about gardening. But I had just read this quote in a post on Mother Nature Network that indicated that Paltrow longs for a "simpler" life on a large organic farm:

"I would love it," enthuses Paltrow of rustic living. "My dream is to have land somewhere outside of Nashville and have a big organic farm outside of the city."

And then I listened to her song:

 Now, I know she isn't REALLY singing about gardening. But some of the lyrics of "Country Strong" could very well fit in with the challenges of gardening in harsh climates....and especially, organic gardening.

‘cause I’m Country Strong, hard to break
Like the ground, I grew up on
You may fool me, and I’ll fall
But I won’t stay down long
‘cause I’m Country Strong 

I have weathered, colder winters
And longer summers, without a drop of rain
Push me in a corner and I’ll come out fightin’
I may lose but I’ll always keep my face

I think many people assume that owning a farm, especially an organic farm, is opting for a simpler lifestyle when, in reality, the challenges of doing things naturally (organically) often add a few extra steps to the process.

In any case, I congratulation Paltrow on her singing and on her dreams. And the next time you are working in your organic garden, facing the challenges of "hard ground, cold winters and long summers without rain"....plug in your iPod and think of Paltrow....and come back strong!

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