Friday, November 5, 2010

Snap some pics - start your glog

Quick! Before the first frost has turned your garden into a mushy mess, run out and snap some photos so that you can work on your "glog" during the dreary days of fall and winter weather.

What's a glog? A glog is a Garden Log of your garden, including all of your planting activities, photos, and comments to share with other gardeners online.

I'm a firm believer in keeping garden journals. I think they are a great way to figure out what works....and what doesn't in a garden. And what could be better than a site that allows you to share YOUR garden journal with others who have similar site conditions?

Thanks to Your Garden Show, a cool new website with roots in the DC and Virginia area, you can.

Virginia gardener Brennan Dunn, Founder of We Are Titans, the Norfolk, VA website design and development company that helped created Your Garden Show, explained a little bit about the project.

"Tom and Lisa Finerty, the founders of Your Garden Show (YGS), and I started working almost a year ago to plan out the development of a social network for gardeners," Brennan said. "They wanted to be able to allow anyone to easily publish and track their gardens, and allow for gardeners to show off their gardening projects to their family, friends and the rest of the world." 

"My Virginia-based team and I built and maintain the website, and YGS is constantly developing new features that help further connect gardeners. In the coming weeks, we'll be releasing a new version that's going to make sharing, showcasing and talking with other gardeners even easier, and we have some strategic partners that are really going to bring Your Garden Show to the next level and make it a gardener's virtual paradise, the likes of which have never been seen."
By creating an account on Your Garden Show, you can get ideas from other gardeners and inspire them with your own garden show; create and share a GLOG; and learn and contribute to better gardening with tips and expert advice from the community.

Although Brennan mentioned that many people from the DC area helped with the project, I couldn't find very many local gardens on the site. I did, however, find popular local gardener Kathy Jentz, editor of Washington Gardener Magazine (see above).

Why not add your garden NOW so that we can share photos and knowledge over the coming slow gardening months?


  1. ooh, I have had "update my YourGardenShow page" on my To-Do list for months now — gotta get on the stick!

  2. We would love to see an update!

  3. …and, as for YourGardenShow, there is an update coming soon; it's,in the wings. See you there for the fun!

  4. There are other social networks out there for gardeners. is another.


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