Friday, December 17, 2010

"Gardening" isn't just a spring thing in Washington, D.C.

I noticed that we were mentioned in DC Blogs Noted this morning. Here is what was said:

I don’t usually associate the holiday season with gardening; that seems like sort of a spring thing to me. But Metro DC Lawn and Garden Blog proves me wrong with a Christmas chestnut from a green-thumb point of view.

Of course, I appreciate the mention, especially since it gives me the opportunity to pass along one of my mottoes in life: That "Life is a Garden" and we each have the opportuntiy, every day, to "Plant something good." With that in mind, I would like to play Johnny Appleseed by re-sowing another great story that I read today on Green Celebrity Network .

Last December, Washington, D.C. resident Reed Sandridge was unemployed and looking for work. As bad as it was for him, he knew there were others in D.C. who needed money more than he did. He decided to use his newly found free time focusing on helping others. One of the ways he did that was by giving $10 a day to a stranger, everyday for a year and keeping a blog about it.

I went over to Sandridge's Year of Giving blog and all I could think was "wow". I was humbled by his generosity and his altruism. Sandridge says:

My goal is not to change the lives of those with whom I come in contact. Let’s face it, $10 dollars is not going to change someone’s life in and of itself. I do believe, however, that the act of giving will hopefully inspire others to pursue the ideals that the French philosopher Auguste Comte envisioned when he coined the term “altruism.” Whether that comes in the form of someone who reads this blog and wants to embark on their own Year of Giving or someone who uses the $10 to help someone else out, the specific results are less important than the overall good that we can achieve together.

If "Life is a Garden", then Reed Sandridge has definitely "planted something good" in Washington, D.C. this past year. Proving my point, of course, that "gardening" isn't just a spring thing, but something that each of us can do all year through.

The Metro DC Lawn and Garden blog is about gardening ... and more. It's about what we can do throughout the year to make our gardens, and our cities and our planet a little bit better place. From an ecological standpoint, a lot of that change can happen in our gardens.


  1. Betsy, thanks for the nice mention on your blog. Cultivating a garden is not so different than cultivating a community. I spent the last 365 days investing in my community in a very personalized way. It was by far the most memorable year of my life. This coming year I am focused on volunteering, I have committed to volunteering 52 times…are there ways that people can volunteer at garden centers?

  2. Hi Reed. There are many ways for gardeners to volunteer. Local organizations that are concerned about our watersheds have volunteer tree planting activities or invasive plant removal "get togethers". I try to list events like that when I learn about them. Another great source for people is You can put in your zip code and what sort of activity you are interested in and the site will show you opportunities. Here is a current list for people who like to garden in the area.


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