Saturday, December 11, 2010

Recycle Garden Trimmings to Create Holiday Wreath

My husband, Tom, LOVES everything about Christmas.

But one of his favorite holiday activities is using some of the Christmas tree branches and whatever he can find in the yard and garden to create our holiday wreath.

He starts with a wire wreath frame which can be purchased online or at local craft stores. He then weaves in branches that were cut off of the bottom of our Christmas tree. If we need extra greenery, local Christmas tree lots are usually more than happy to let us have as many branches as we need.

After the wreath is full of greenery, he walks around the yard snipping berries, flowers and other items to add to the wreath. Sometimes he even snips a blossom from an indoor flower or two.

I was too busy baking holiday goodies to get photos of the whole process this year, but I've included a few shots to show you how much fun it is and how much nicer the result is than a store-bought wreath.

If you want to try creating one of your own, here is a blog post I found called How to Make a Fresh Wreath that helps illustrate the whole process.

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