Wednesday, December 29, 2010

Want to win a Bay Friendly home?

I love to enter sweepstakes. And I have to admit that I have won some really wonderful things in my life.

But just because I have already won big, that doesn't mean I don't keep trying to win more. So you can bet that I will be voting and entering to win the DIY network Blog Cabin home that is being renovated on the Chesapeake Bay in Susan, Virginia, a mere 155 miles southeast of Washington, DC.

Blog Cabin is a popular show on DIY network TV. The premise of the show is that they select a home and let viewers vote on various options to create the ultimate vacation home. Viewers can then register to win the home at the completion of the project.

The August 2011 premier will mark the fifth season of this popular show, as they transform the 3-bedroom, 2-bath early 1900s home into a modern-day retreat.

The 2011 Blog Cabin is located on the Chesapeake Bay and sits on over 16 acres of property. So as soon as I read about the contest, I wanted to make sure that they keep the beauty of the Bay in mind when they make changes to the landscaping. Here are some great photos of the exterior of the Blog Cabin home that show how beautiful the property and the views are.

Eco-friendly gardeners know that anything we do around our homes and gardens can affect the waterways. But properties that are directly on a water body have a much more immediate impact.

I emailed Lisa Dyer of DIY network to ask about the landscaping and this is her reply:

I confirmed that we are indeed incorporating Bay-friendly landscaping choices into our Blog Cabin online   voting. That polling period will be from Feb. 28 – March 13. While we don’t have specifics on what exact questions will be asked at this time, we will have confirmation around early to mid-February at the latest, so I will follow up with you then to provide the specifics.

Since the whole premise of the show is that they let viewers add their comments through a blog, we all can help add suggestions for how to keep this home environmentally friendly. Some of my suggestions would be installation of native plants, rain barrels and definitely the elimination of any chemicals in the landscape.

For more information on DIY Network's Blog Cabin, and to participate in a blog about the construction, vote on design elements of the 2011 cabin and view video footage from two "cabin cams," visit

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