Tuesday, May 24, 2011

Help Build the FoodPrints Kitchen at Watkins Elementary

Found this online fundraiser and wanted to pass it along. Looks like a great cause.

Help DC school kids cook, eat, and live healthier lives—kick start a teaching kitchen!

Thanks to the FoodPrints local farm-to-school program, we have made a huge impact on kids’ attitudes towards food and eating healthy nutritious meals. Each year more than 200 first and third grade students at Watkins Elementary go home understanding good food can be fun, or as we like to say, “It’s COOL to eat kale.” (click here to see a curriculum overview)

In order to expand the hugely popular FoodPrints local food program and reach more kids at Watkins Elementary School, we have to have a kitchen—without it, we just can’t offer more classes or reach more students.

Read more, and learn how you can support this cause: Build the FoodPrints Kitchen

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