Tuesday, July 12, 2011

Become a Master Watershed Steward

As eco-friendly gardeners, we've learned many things that we can do from our own homes and yards to help protect the local watersheds. For those who would like to learn more, you may want to consider becoming a Master Watershed Steward.
Deadline for Applications is July 22nd 
The fall course of the cutting edge National Capital Region-Watershed Stewards Academy will begin in September. A 15-class course spanning 5 months, the Academy will be held primarily at the University of the District of Columbia at the Van Ness campus in DC right near Metro. 
Through the course, we will help empower community activists and leaders help their neighbors change how they handle stormwater.  Participants become Master Watershed Stewards by completing the course and taking on a Capstone Project that will begin to reduce pollution and runoff at its source, neighborhood by neighborhood. 

Course charge is $225, but scholarships are available. The Academy is being run by a coalition of local and regional watershed nonprofit organizations.

 If you want to expand your activism and deepen your knowledge base and resources about the environment as it pertains to watersheds and stormwater management and the quality of life of your community, we invite you to apply to the Watershed Stewards Academy

 Please visit www.ncr-wsa.org for questions and to apply.

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