Tuesday, August 23, 2011

WSSC's Fishing Derby - the perfect lesson in WHY you are a "green gardener"

Want a great way to teach your kids WHY they should practice environmentally friendly gardening? Take them fishing!

Although I've always been a nature lover and gardener, it wasn't until I met my husband, an avid fisherman, that I learned the direct correlation between how I gardened and the health of local fish. He's the one that taught me that all of those fertilizers and other chemicals I was using in my garden could be finding their way into local water supplies, causing fish deformities and death.

So take your kids fishing, and spend a little time letting them know that their eco-friendly gardening practices help keep those fish healthy.

The Washington Suburban Sanitary Commission’s annual Family Fishing Derby is Saturday, August 27 at its Triadelphia Recreation Area. This catch-and-release event promises prizes – and plenty of fish tales – for first-timers and fishing veterans alike.

Located at 2600 Triadelphia Lake Road in Brookeville, the derby begins at 9 a.m. and the final weigh-in is at noon. Prizes will be awarded for biggest fish and most fish caught – child and adult. A Maryland fishing license is required for anyone 16 and older.

The recreation area includes picnic tables and a playground set.

Register in person at Brighton Dam Visitor’s Center, 2 Brighton Dam Road, Brookeville, MD, 20833, by phone at 301-206-8240 or by e-mail to: saugust@wsscwater.com. More information is available on the WSSC website, www.wsscwater.com on the home page.    

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