Friday, September 30, 2011

Takoma Hort Club Annual Bulb Sale

The Takoma Horticultural Club (THC) is participating again in the 30th Annual Takoma Park Street Festival by hosting a booth (near Carroll and Tulip) where you can find all your spring bulbs. This is the club's only fundraiser for the year, so please come out, and bring your neighbors and friends! Rain or shine! (We have a tent, and bulbs don't mind getting wet.) Bulbs make great gifts, and extras can be bought for easy indoor forcing to brighten those grey winter days.
The festival will have live bands on three stages, over 200 artists and crafters, community groups, food vendors, and much more. Members of the Takoma Horticultural Club get a 10% discount on all bulb purchases. You are welcome to renew or join the club at the Fair. The membership fee is $18 for the rest of this year and through 2012; or you can become a Life Member for $125.
See you at the Fair with cash or checks and your reusable tote bags!
(Sorry, we cannot accept credit cards.)
Directions and details at
This information was provided by Kathy Jentz, editor of Washington Gardener Magazine, who also provided this BONUS information about bulbs:
BONUS Bulb Tips from Washington Gardener Magazine:
- plan to plant between mid-Oct and Thanksgiving — but if you get them in by the end of the year, you are still fine
- in general, pointy-side up 
- in a hole 2- to 3-times as deep as the bulb's height
- daffodils are most reliable for returning every year, they multiply in future years, and are deer-resistant
- look on packages for "early season", "mid season" and "late season" – try to buy a variety from each of these to lengthen your blooming time over a 6-8 week period rather than all bulbs blooming at once
- buy only bulbs that are firm, large and unblemished (no mold or mildew)

Kathy Jentz
Washington Gardener Magazine

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