Tuesday, September 13, 2011

Today is a Beautiful Day - Make Sure that you See It

I know it is human nature to complain about the rain/wind/snow/cold/heat and yet to ignore the days when we don't have any of those things bearing down on us. And when I read the paper in the morning, it seems like it is also human nature to want to dwell on the negative aspects of life and people. No matter what is happening with the weather or the world, my morning walks in the garden generally help me forget all the negative aspects of life and dwell on only the beautiful.

It is just gorgeous out there this morning! A light dew sparkling on all the leaves. Tiny little mushrooms popping up in the yard, looking like miniature umbrellas for the critters that crawl through the grass. Butterflies! Birds! It's going to be a beautiful day! I encourage you to take the time to notice it!

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