Thursday, November 3, 2011

Butterflies help remind us to be good environmental stewards

As delicate and fragile as they appear, I think that butterflies have tremendous super-powers. In fact, I think that they can help save the world! Why? Because they are so beautiful and magical that, once they start hanging around, they can influence gardeners to quit using pesticides and plant more native plants, both of which are positive steps for the planet.

If you don't already garden for butterflies, fall and winter are the perfect times to start learning about how to attract these beautiful "flying flowers" to your gardens. Once spring arrives, you will have the knowledge AND the enthusiasm to get out there and start planting your nectar and host plants to attract butterflies.

 Here are some links to butterfly information for the DC, Maryland and Virginia areas.

There are also several butterfly groups in the area that will help you get started on this great hobby.

The Washington Area Butterfly Club emphasizes education about and appreciation and conservation of butterflies in the Washington, DC, area including Maryland and Virginia. Meetings are free and open to the public, although occasional events are only for members and their guests. Members also conduct various other butterfly-related activities including butterfly gardening, butterfly counts, conservation, and field trips.

Butterfly Society of Virginia promotes butterfly and moth conservation, including conservation of habitat and host and nectar gardens.

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