Monday, November 28, 2011

Hmmm, how do I wrap a rain barrel?

With lots of green gardeners on my list, I've been busy in my garage workshop making rain barrels for some of my friends. It's a very easy process that just requires a few tools. I buy the empty barrels, add a spigot and holes for the downspout and overflow and BAM! instant water savings and Bay protection in one! But wrapping and getting those babies under the Christmas tree is probably going to be quite a challenge! For lots of great information about rain barrels, including a video on how to make them, check out this post: The Rain Barrel Response. And in the meantime, why not take our poll:

Where do the gutters on your roof drain to?


  1. There are several sources listed in this blog post:

    I also sometimes find them on Craigslist

  2. RE: wrapping a rain barrel-just put a bow on it! Or wrap in burlap (and a bow)-the burlap can be reused in the garden!
    I need to get a second rain barrel for the garage roof.


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