Friday, January 13, 2012

Global Warming? Blame it on termite farts

My friend Sidney emailed me a cute article she found online about a speech a young girl named Sophie Paterson from  New Zealand made about farts. (see copy below) The article is getting passed (no pun intended)  around the internet quite a bit, mostly because no matter how mature or sophisticated we think we are, farts still make us titter.

So, of course, I had to try to find a way to fit it into my eco-friendly blog, and here it is:

According to Ms. Paterson's essay, termites are number one on the list of top farters. AND, according to the EPA website, termite farts are the second largest natural source of methane emissions.

Termites. Global emissions of methane due to termites are estimated to be between 2 and 22 Tg per year, making them the second largest natural source of methane emissions. Methane is produced in termites as part of their normal digestive process, and the amount generated varies among different species. Ultimately, emissions from termites depend largely on the population of these insects, which can also vary significantly among different regions of the world.
And methane is one of the contributing factors to global warming.

So quit blaming the cows, sheep and elephants for all of that errant methane. Blame it on the termites.

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