Friday, June 29, 2012

Maria Rodale's Five Truths About Gardening

My husband and I subscribe to a LOT of magazines and I usually don't have enough time to do much more than skim through them. But I almost always take the time to look at some of them, cover to cover.

I always love reading Maria's Page, written by Maria Rodale,  in the back of Organic Gardening magazine. In case you don't know who she is, Maria Rodale is "a  lifelong advocate on behalf of organic farming and gardening,  and  the author of five books, including most recently Organic Manifesto: How Organic Farming Can Heal Our Planet, Feed the World, and Keep Us Safe (2011, Rodale Books)."

Her page this month is entitled "Five Truths about Gardening" and I know these truths are something that we all can relate to. Here are some excerpts:

1) You will lose tools: "A garden is like a clothes dryer, and tools are like socks. They are somewhere, but also they are nowhere......Let's face it: tools usually get lost before they wear out."

2) You body might feel stiff after gardening, but your mind and soul will feel more limber: "A good gardening session is accompanied by a combination of ouch and ahhhhh.....the ahhh is the sound of a peaceful mind, a spirit that has been literally grounded by the earth."

3) Something will surprise you: "Every interaction with your garden will surprise you with something."

4) You will confront your fears and gain confidence: "A few good books and a friend or neighbor who can answer your questions is the best solution."

5) Nature always wins: "This is the ultimate lesson of nature and gardening and perhaps life: If you can't beat her, join her! Then you, too, can be on the winning team."

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