Thursday, December 2, 2010

Is a gardening gift appropriate? 20 tips to help you decide

Gifts for Gardeners

Gift-giving time is right around the corner. If you are trying to decide if a gardening gift is appropriate for a friend, relative or colleague, here are a few tips to help you decide. (Note: some items gleaned from the popular, though anonymous, post  "You know you are addicted to gardening when.....")

You know a gardening gift is appropriate for someone if:
  1. You have seen them working in their yard in their pajamas.
  2. They have been known to grab other people's banana peels, coffee grounds, apple cores, etc. for their compost pile.
  3. They are conversant in botanical names.
  4. You have caught them fondling leaves, flowers and trunks of trees.
  5. They think nothing of “rescuing” plants out of other people’s trash.
  6. They would rather spend money on plants than groceries.
  7. They carry a shovel, bottled water and a plastic bag in their trunk as emergency tools.
  8. They spend more time chopping kitchen greens for the compost pile than for cooking.
  9. They seem to like the smell of horse manure better than Estee Lauder.
  10. They think rain is something to capture rather than repel.
  11. They take pride in how bad their hands look.
  12. They see your child's sandbox and think it’s a raised bed.
  13. They have stuck their fingers in the soil of your potted plants to check for moisture.
  14. They know exactly how many bags of fertilizer/potting soil/mulch their car will hold.
  15. They have offered to rake your yard just so they could add the leaves to their compost pile.
  16. Their bathroom reading material is seed catalogs.
  17. They always have to return your calls because they were outside when the phone rang.
  18. They use their good linens to cover their plants in the winter.
  19. They seem almost despondent when the weather keeps them indoors.
  20. They look at your weeds and think they are wildflowers.

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  1. Betsy, I love this list. I live this list. Thanks for giving me a laugh as I head out the door to help build raised beds for a community learning garden!


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