Sunday, December 5, 2010

"Trowels are the underwear of gardening gifts"

In my morning search to find info on gardening gift ideas, I came upon this wonderful post by Jim Hillibish on

The catchy, but accurate phrase "Trowels are the underwear of gardening gifts" drew me in. After all, as gardeners, anything that makes our work outdoors easier is a tried and true gift....the fallback gift. As Jim says "Despite a drawer full, you can always use another one."

Hillibish goes on to list some great examples of tools that will make most avid gardeners green with envy.

So if you've been thinking along the lines of sexy lingerie for your gardening gal, perhaps you should reconsider. Come on big guy. You know what she really wants.

Head on over to Jim's post to read his suggestions.

More fun reading: 20 Tips to help you decide if a gardening gift is appropriate

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  1. great article on garden gifts for the garden gal on your list I know a few garden guy pals that would love them too : ) Annie


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