Friday, May 27, 2011

Answers to all of your gardening questions - a poem by Green Gardener

I've been receiving quite a few questions through the contact form on this website lately, so I thought that I would answer them all, in a poem.

                      Answers to your Gardening Questions                      A Poem, by Betsy. S. Franz (the Green Gardener)
"Why won't it grow?" 
Heck, I don't know

"What can I plant?"
Plant what you want

"But will it grow?" 
Heck, I don't know

"What is this weed? What is this bug?" 
Heck, I don't know. (And I'll add a shrug)

"But I thought you were a garden pro?" 
Well, here's all you really need to know.

There's botanists, ecologist and 
Lot's of horticulturists

Of course, there're Master Gardeners too 
And lots of other "Green" gurus

Some know a little, some know a lot 
But what you need to know is your own garden plot

Learning to garden isn't hard 

And my best advice, for what it's worth

To find answers to specific garden question, please use the Dig Here For Answers link on this website.


  1. I wish to make rings around the small medium sized trees in my garden using herbicide. The last time I tried this I found it impossible to get a nice clean finish and also some of the chemical blew over my wifes flowers and killed them. Are they any products that can put down herbicide in a nice uniform ring around the base of trees?

  2. Hi John. As a "green" (eco-friendly) gardener, I do not recommend the use of herbicides at all. Although I have never used them myself, I have seen products on the market called Mulch Rings that might interest you. Here is a link to one such product.


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