Wednesday, June 1, 2011

Great gardening advice I didn't know

I love Thomas Rainer's writing style as much as I love his gardening advice. You may remember that Rainer was one of the people who contributed to our series of Favorite Native Plants of Local Gardeners.

Anyway, his blog post today, entitled The Best Planting Tip I Ever Received, taught me something that I didn't know.....that I've always WANTED to know, really, so I wanted to pass it along to you.

As gardeners, we have probably all had the experience of buying a potted plant and taking it home and unpotting it only to discover a huge tangled mass of roots. I usually just gently tug a few of the roots out and then drop the whole thing into the planting hole. But that was before I read Rainer's post.

Now, thanks to Thomas, I know better. Sure, I could tell you what he said, but then you would miss out on the fun of reading his blog.

So head on over to Thomas's blog, Grounded Design, and learn what just may be the Best Planting Tip I've ever received, too.

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  1. Betsy,

    Thanks so much for the support! It's a great tip and relatively easy to do. Glad you thought it was helpful.

    Happy gardening!



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