Tuesday, April 10, 2012

Learning from fellow gardeners – Thanks Alison

I have a confession to make. Ever since I got past the age of about 12 or so, I realized that I don’t know everything. And I’m perfectly willing to admit it! I’m not an expert…..on anything. I’m not even an expert on “Me” and I’ve lived with myself for a good long time now. When it comes to all other topics….I’m learning as fast as I can, but I’m quite sure I will never know as much as I would like to.

I also hate passing along bad information so I am grateful when people help to teach me something new. ESPECIALLY if they provide links to back up what they tell me.

Recently, I wrote a post about ways to keep cats out of our gardens and I passed along some information that I found online that said to use mothballs to repel cats. I didn’t even think that mothballs might be toxic to the environment (and to other critters) so I am thankful to Alison for correcting my post and passing along more information about mothballs.

The first link that Alison sent is from the National Pesticide Information center and says: “Using mothballs in a way not specified by the label is not only illegal, but can harm people, pets or the environment.”

“Another common mistake is using mothballs in gardens or other outdoor locations to control insects, snakes or other wildlife. Using mothballs outside can harm children, pets and other animals. Mothballs used outdoors can also contaminate soil, plants and water.”

Here is the other great link she provided: Mothballs in the Garden

Thanks so much for passing along the info, Alison. I’m always eager to keep learning!

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